Dim Sum Delights 一盅兩件

一盅兩件:香港點心傳統 Hong Kong Dim Sum Delights

'Yum cha', or dim sum brunch is by far the most well-known Cantonese culinary tradition. It is a merry and loud occasion where family and friends gather to drink tea and eat 'dim sum' -- bite-sized snacks served in bamboo containers. In this episode of Uniquely Hong Kong, a well-known dim sum chef explains how the dim sum meal came to be and what the future holds for it.

Video by Hedy Bok (Produced for South China Morning Post)

Mak, 50 ua the founder of Tim Ho Wan, one of Hong Kong’s most popular dim sum restaurants...
Full article by Hedy Bok and Xenia Chan, please click here.

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