5G Hydrogen Fuel Tractor 拖拉机

The domestic unmanned tractor is here, 5G + hydrogen fuel

In our impression, the tractor is a very noisy, more traditional farming tool, but the tractor made in our country last year completely subverted our understanding of tractors. my country's Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Innovation Center announced the first 5G hydrogen fuel unmanned tractor in Luoyang. It has 5G technology and unmanned driving technology. Uncle farmers can enjoy the fruits without even farming.


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Tunnel Boring Machine 盾構機

中國 4000噸重 盾構機,在世界最高峰上挖隧道,建造世界最高中尼鐵路

中國4000噸重 盾構機,在世界最高峰上挖隧道,建造世界最高 中尼鐵路



China's 4,000-ton Tunnel boring machine digs tunnels on the world's highest peak and builds the world's highest China-Nepal Railway.

This issue of popular science knowledge introduction: Everyone has heard about the Himalayas. This mountain is the highest in the world, and its geographical location is also very steep, with an average elevation of more than 7000 meters. In order to build a railway in the Himalayas, the highest mountain in the world, China has to cut the Himalayas open. Yes, this project has been started long ago. It is the highest railway in the world-China-Nepal Railway. This project is expected to be completed in 2022. 

The main benefit of my country’s construction of railways under such a complex environment The world's strongest shield machine-the "Jinghua" shield machine newly developed by China. So how does this shield machine help us during the construction process? Why does our country spend so much effort to build the China-Nepal Railway?

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Beijing 100 Years Ago 探索百年前中國

Peking (Beijing) in 100 years ago, Ancient China 
(Around1910-1920)【AI Recovery】

Discover What Life Was Like in China a Century Ago 

In this fascinating rare footage shot by a Canadian photographer, you will get to experience what life was like in China back in the 1920s. We get to see the residents of Beijing dressed in traditional attire, greeting each other with bows. You'll also see what the street market used to look like, among many other things. This video is your best chance to travel through time.

探索百年前中國的生活在這幅由加拿大攝影師拍攝的精彩稀有鏡頭中,您將體驗 1920 年代中國的生活。我們可以看到北京市民身著傳統服飾,互相鞠躬致意。您還將看到街頭市場過去的樣子,等等。該視頻是您穿越時空的最佳機會。