Flash Mob At Beijing 驚喜合唱 北京國貿

驚喜合唱 北京國貿 Flash Mob Chorus at CWTC Beijing

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一群喜好音樂的志願者在北京國貿的美食街快閃表演了美麗動人的歌曲,包括 "月亮代表我的心", "彎彎的月亮", "甜蜜蜜", "讓我們蕩起雙槳", "茉莉花", "站在高崗上" 以及 "高山青" (Click for Song)。我們帶給了現場群眾意外的驚喜,也希望可以跟全世界的朋友分享這份喜悅。

A heart warming flash mob chorus performance of popular Chinese songs at the food court of CWTC (GuoMao), Beijing, China.

The songs performed are: "The Moon Represents My Heart" (yue-liang-dai-biao-wo-de-xin), "The Crescent Moon" (wan-wan-de-yue-liang), "Oh How Sweet" (tian-mi-mi), "Let's Row the Paddles" (rang-wo-men-dang-qi-shuang-jiang), "Jasmine" (mo-li-hua), "Standing at Hilltop" (zhan-zai-gao-gang-shang), "Mountain Is Green" (gao-shan-qing).

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing delight to the whole world. Thank you very much.