Old China 昔日中國 木版畫

Old China 昔日中國 木版畫

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歌曲: 夢江南

畫家 Elizabeth Keith :British,1887 - 1956.英國人

她用木版畫記錄下清朝至民國初期的中國,讓我們讓我們看到原汁原味的昔日中國風貌,狹窄的街道,懸掛的招牌,叫賣的小販, 熙熙攘攘…今日已難得一見。

Elizabeth Keith recorded with wood engravings of the Qing Dynasty to the early Republic of China, depicted the authentic old Chinese style, narrow streets, hanging signs, hawkers, bustling ... These scenes are rarely seen today.

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