Hema Shopping Experience 盒馬新體驗

Hema Supermarket and Experience "New Retail" 盒馬新體驗

Alizila's Tom Brennan offers a tour of a Hema Supermarket (盒馬), showing how online and offline shopping are merged into a seamless “New Retail” experience.

Hema supermarket is Alibaba's foray into what it calls the "new retail" model. Unlike traditional retail models, new retail uses customer data and technology to combine online and offline shopping to offer a more efficient and flexible retail experience.

"Hema leverages data and smart logistics technology to seamlessly integrate online-offline systems, built to provide the unparalleled service of fresh food deliveries in 30 minutes," Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang told Alizila, the e-commerce giant's news site. He and Alibaba founder Jack Ma toured a Hema outlet in Shanghai last week.

A total of 13 Hema supermarkets have been opened since 2015 - 10 in Shanghai, two in Beijing and one in Ningbo. Each is designed to serve a customer base within a 3km radius.

Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/technology/alibaba-s-hema-supermarkets-tap-on-app-to-drive-new-retail-9045892

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