China - Laos Border 金三角 經濟特區

China and Laos Border Cities - 金三角 經濟特區

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你知道有一個在 China-Laos 邊境的大賭場的城市,這幾乎是澳門的對手?讓我吃驚不小!

The Golden Triangle bordering Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, was once a notorious drug production zone. Now, a massive new casino has been built there. Its investors are from China. How will Chinese investment change a small country like Laos?

Across Borders with Dr. Farish:

Host Dr Farish Noor travels to Asia’s border regions in a five-part series.From temples to casinos and in minefields and refugee camps, he explores culture and conflict where countries meet.Episodes cover Cambodia-Thailand, China-Laos, Philippines-Malaysia, China-North Korea and Myanmar-Bangladesh.

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